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Transformer Specialists



Welcome to MagneComp Inc. and thanks for visiting.

Here at MagneComp we are transformer specialists, specializing in the design and manufacturing of transformers and inductors for Aerospace, Military, and Industrial Applications. We can take your requirements from an idea to a finished product in as little as three days. See below for a listing of some of our capabilities.


Forty five years of experience (25 years at our current location) designing and building magnetic components to military and commercial specifications allows MagneComp to deliver prompt, accurate solutions to your most difficult requests.
Powers up to 1k VA and frequencies up to 500 MHz.




  • Power Transformers - 50Hz to 5KHz up to one KVA, Laminated, Toriodal, Cut Core.
  • Switching Power Transformers - Up to 1 MHz and 500 Watts
  • Switching  Inductors -  Up to 1 MHz and 30 Amps
  • Precision Ratio Transformers - Decade and Digitally Tapped, Accuracles  to 10 Parts per Million.
  • Scott-T Transformers - Synchro to Resolver - resolver to Synchro, Synchro and Resolver Isolation, Both Miniature and Power up to 30VA
  • Pulse Transformers - All Types
  • Current Monitoring and Trigger - For High Power Industrial SCR Circuits and or Commutation at any Frequency.
  • Open
  • Encapsulated
  • Hermetic
  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase
  • Multi Phase





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